Press Release

BIPT onderzoekt afluisterpraktijken BND

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Agenda and Telecom, Alexander De Croo, has asked telecom regulator BIPT to launch an investigation following the news that the German intelligence service, BND, hacked a number of European Internet connections, including some Belgian lines. Proximus will also launch a thorough investigation. 

“Hacking Internet lines goes against every elementary civil liberty and basic right. Citizens and companies who use the Internet need to be certain that their basic rights are safeguarded. The fact that the German secret service is involved is all the more remarkable if you consider Germany’s reaction two years ago to the tapping of the German Chancellor's mobile by the American NSA intelligence agency. Merkel immediately called Obama for an explanation. If it turns out that the allegations about the large-scale interception practices of the German secret service are correct, Germany itself will also have some explaining to do," says Minister De Croo.