Cabinet and Secretariat

Finance Tower
Bd du Jardin Botanique 50
1000 Brussels
+ 32 2 792 99 00
Tom Meulenbergs, spokesperson
Bd du Jardin Botanique 50 box 61
1000 Brussels
+ 32 2 792 99 00


Chief of Staff

  • Geert Vancronenburg
    Chief of Staff General Policy and Finance
  • Skander Nasra
    Chief of Staff Development Cooperation
  • Tom Meulenbergs
    Head of Communication


  • Lotte Van der Stockt

General Policy Unit

  • Nicole Azaert
    Assistant to the Chief of staff
  • Sabine Quintens
    Assistant to the Chief of staff
  • Marc Boeykens
    Advisor Federal Budget, Debt Management, Bicultural institutions, Mobility, State-controlled enterprises, Banks, Financial regulation
  • Pieter Daens
    Deputy director Taxation, Tax fraud
  • Patrick D'hondt
    Advisor Interior, Public administration, Equal opportunities, Concertation Committee, State Reform Implementation
  • Albert Dimmock
    Advisor Mobility (road), Régie des Bâtiments, Urban Policy, Fight against poverty, Social integration
  • Nele Roobrouck
    Advisor Energy, Climate, Environment, Sustainable Development, Aerospace, Nuclear Safety, SME and self-employed persons, Science policy, North Sea, Mobility (water and air transport), Agriculture, Consumer affairs, National Lotery, ...
  • Mathilde Steenbergen
    Advisor Justice
  • Sarah Vanhullebus
    Advisor Federal budget (primary expenditures), Tenders, Social affairs, Public health
  • Sven Van Loo
    Advisor Asylum and Immigration, Defence
  • Marie Van den Dooren
    Parliamentary relations

Development Cooperation Unit

  • Skander Nasra
    Chief of Staff Development Cooperation
  • Martine Ryckaert
    Assistant to the Chief of Staff
  • Annie De Gols
    Assistant to the secretariat, Mail registration, Payment
  • Koen Van Acoleyen
    Diplomatic Advisor and Coordination EU-agenda Development Policy, DGE coordination, Diplomatic aspects Development Policy
  • Kurt Braeckman
    Advisor Culture and Development
  • Lode Bruneel
    Advisor Digital for Development

Communication Unit

  • Tom Meulenbergs
    Head of Communications and Spokesperson
  • Amélie Lefebvre
    Translation Advisor
  • Vincent Van Hoorick
    Communication Officer

Secretariat to the minister

  • Melissa Dooms
    Personal Assistant to the minister
  • Johan Stylemans
    Director secretariat
  • Sabine Leyzen
    Assistent to the Director
  • Annemie D'Hayer
    Staff member
  • Naomi Skoutariotis
  • Maarten Van Tieghem

Logistical support

  • Ingrid Peerlinck
    Reception agent
  • Dominique Verbesselt
    Reception agent
  • Philippe Danneels
  • Evelien Geerts
  • Charles Huysman
    Driver of the minister
  • Christophe Meganck
  • Ward Sadones
  • Vincent Tibau
  • Johan Vanzeir
  • Bert Vrancken
  • Robbi De Roeck
  • Vera Huybens
    Staff member, cook, dispatcher, reception
  • Bert De Ridder
    IT agent


  • Ruben Lecok
    Chief of Staff Finance
  • Sabine Quintens
    Assistant to the chief of staff
  • Sophie Tuypens
    Mail registration
  • Sven De Spiegeleer
    Advisor Tax collection and recovery
  • Pieter Daens
    Deputy chief of staff, Taxation and Fight against tax fraud
  • Albert Dimmock
    Advisor Personal and organisation FPS Finance
  • Lieselotte Hendrickx
    Advisor Tax fraud and Procedure
  • Arne Christoffels
    Advisor Personal income tax, Mobility budget, EPR, TP, Innovation deduction
  • Marit Peeters
    Advisor Corporate tax, International taxation, Tax shelter, Caiman tax, Tax on securities account, TOB, E-commerce
  • Sarah Vanhullebus
    Advisor Commitments, Budget, SFPI, OECD, IMF
  • Hanne Weckhuysen
    Advisor Indirect taxation and Customs
  • Geert Vancronenburg
    Deputy Chief of Staff - Finance
  • Tom Blockmans
    Advisor Budget, Finance law
  • Marc Boeykens
    Advisor Finance sector, Public debt
  • Karl De Brucker
    Advisor Finance sector, Macro-prudential supervision

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